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grandma and grandpa

hey whats up i havent written in here lately i guess there really nothing exciting going on that i need to write about my grandma and grandpa just got out of the hospital i was really worried about both of them cuz if it wasnt for my grandma being there for me and pulling me thru when i go thru had time i dont kno what else would keep me going oh except for george her and george are the most important people in my life i mean dont get me wrong i have other people that are inportant but they are the most important. guess what i got a babysitting job i babysit for julia down the street. my grandma might be commin up here sooon to live OH I CANT WAIT TILL SHE DOES i love her sooooo much she does so much for me its unbelieveable and my grandpa i dont kno what i would do without him too i mean he takes me on vacation ever summer anywhere i want to go and next year hes gonna buy me a car i cany wait!!! i am really growing up my grandma always tells me and i know she getting old but i know that by the time that she dies my grandma will we able to watch her great grand kids grow up a lil i cant wait to have kids i love them so much oh and speakin of kids lauries kids are all sick and terry has a fever of 104 and the had to take him to the hospital and they gave him medicine. well anyways i remember when i was little and my grandma would always take me to georgia with her and in her van i loved it cuz she would always take me outta my car seat and play with me while we were driving. then there was this one time that me and my grandma i call her nanny tho so me and nanny went to targets and i was jsut a lil thing i was like maybe 4 or 5 and my and her were walking and she fell i was crackin up you should have seen me i mean my nanny really kissed that pavement good that time it was hilarious you had to be there!!!i mean her knee what bleedin and everything she wasnt laughing at the time but everytime i mention that me and her end up laughin till we cry it soooo funny then me and her and georgie went to wonderland in canad and she was getting off a roller coaster and she fell again it wasnt that funny that time cuz i knew that she was embarresed but me and her laughed later my grannys a clumsy old lady but i gotta love her. then everytime we go in a resturant she always says hun like thanks hun to the waiter or watiress it cracks me up then me and he made this tape this one time with me and her singin and i was sooo little i was singin ache breakie heart and i would always say achie breakie fart and she would crack up it was soooo funny. i love my georgeie too me and him gotta lotta good memories just like me and nanny boys hers are funnie like this one time when i was little me and him would always sit on the swing in georgia and talk about getting a pool and we would sing chimmichanga sittin tryin to make a dollar outta 15 cents then me and him would always work down in his shed and there were these bee and i was soooo scared of them and i was about three and i went down to where he was workin and i peeked my head in the door and i go hey georgie are there still bees in there and he goes yea here they come and i took off runin you should have seen me i mean i ran like a fire cracker i ran and ran and i nanny goes whatcha runnin for and i go bees are commin bees are commin come we gotta go it was so funnie. well i better go its gettin late ill write more memories another time i got PLENTY more lol peace
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